Heavenly Hong Kong

Hong kong is just a few hours away from the Philippines. This has been our 6th time to visit Hong Kong. Honestly, Hong Kong is one of my favorite countries because the life there is very calm and relaxing. I always look forward every time we will visit Hong Kong.

Our adventure started with shopping. Yes, you heard it right. Girls, shopping in Hong Kong is heaven. I would really recommend for you to visit Mongkok and Ladies Market. Most of their products are sold way cheaper than in our country. I don’t know with yours. What I love about shopping in Hong Kong is that they have a wide variety of brands from the most luxurious brands to the most affordable brands.

Our next stop was at Victoria Harbour. You will see the beautiful Hong Kong lifeline with its constant parade of vessels and breathtaking surrounding scenery of the city. This will surely take your breath away.

Our last destination was Heritage 1881. This place will transport us to Victoria-era Hong Kong.

I really love taking pictures of their road. I also don’t know why but for sure its Instagram-worthy photos.

Every trip has to end but for sure we will end ours with a bang. Til’ we meet again Hong Kong.


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