Visiting Vietnam

Our three day visit in Ho Chi Minh City, formerly called Saigon, was filled with of amazing food, cheap tours, a little bit of shopping and learning its rich history.

Our Vietnam experience started right at when left the airport. Streets of Ho Chi Minh is surrounded by hundreds of buzzing scooters, literally.

We arrived in Vietnam around 6pm. Vietnam is an hour late from the Philippines. As soon as we checked in our hotel, we went out in the streets of Ho Chi Minh to discover its culture and their unique street food. Luckily, our hotel is just a few minutes away from the central market which offers a wide variety of street food and good music.  After eating, we head towards the night market which was just a minute walk from the central market.


On our first day, we did a half-day tour to the Cu Chi Tunnels.  It is worth visiting because of all the stories behind the tunnels.

You will have a chance to enter the tunnel and crawl through 20 meters, but I didn’t try it because it was dark and yeah I’m a big coward. But my mom and sister tried going in the tunnel which they said that it really wasn’t that scary inside tho. The tunnels themselves were only a meter tall, and there was barely and light.  Many people in my tour exited only after halfway, because they couldn’t take the tiny space they had to crawl through.  I can’t imagine using those tunnels everyday for shelter and a method of transportation. Hands down to all soldiers.


Notre Dame Cathedral


General Post Office

The Central Post Office is one of the oldest buildings in Ho Chi Minh City. When we went there the facade of the Post Office was still under construction but today the construction  is done. The Post Office is a  significant symbol of the city, just like its opposite neighbor Saigon Notre-Dame Cathedral. It has long been the busiest post office of the country.


Reunification Palace

The iconic Reunification Palace made its name in global history when in 1975 a tank belonging to the North Vietnamese Army crashed through its main gate – thus signifying the end of the Vietnam War.The Reunification Palace is a landmark not to be missed by any tourist visiting Ho Chi Minh City.


Read more at: http://www.vietnam-guide.com/ho-chi-minh-city/reunification-palace.htm?cid=ch:OTH:001

War Remnants Museum

It primarily contains exhibits relating to the Vietnam War, but also includes many exhibits relating to the first Indochina War involving the French colonialists.


That was a short but a memorable trip. Nevertheless, I would return again to Ho Chi Minh City in the near future.


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