Travel Guide: Hong Kong

It’s my 5th time to visit Hong Kong and definitely not the last. Hong Kong is one of my favorite cities in the world. Hong Kong has one of the biggest hub airports in the world. Mentioning Hong Kong, endless shopping, delicious cuisine, Disneyland, Ocean Park, and superstars keep on running through one’s mind. Indeed, Hong Kong has become one of the must visit holiday destination for everyone.

Hello Hong Kong! Getting around Hong Kong is easy with its efficient public transport system such as MTR, buses and trams. Just print a MTR System Map and you are ready to go and stroll around the City.

Upon arrival, get yourself an Octopus Card at Airport or any MTR Station. Or if you already have one, you can simply reload your card at the nearest train stations.

Basic Octopus cards cost $150, with $100 face value plus $50 refundable deposit.Octopus card is virtually accepted by more than 1,000 merchants which includes Public Transports ( MTR, Bus, Tram, Ferry ), 7 Eleven, Starbucks, McDonald’s, Sa Sa Cosmetic and many more.


For More Info : http://www.octopus.com.hk

Best place to stay.

When choosing an area to stay in HK, I would personally suggest Tsim Sha Tsui, Mongkok, Jordan, Causeway Bay and Central. These are the places you will travel to the most, where most restaurants and cafes will be at too!
Hong Kong is one of the best shopping cities in Asia, yeah I will actually say the world! It is not the cheapest city though so be prepared to dig deep and find your credit cards. The best part is that most of the products sold here are tax free. There are so many huge shopping malls here, both on Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, so there are plenty to choose from. You can also do great bargains at the street markets. Street markets are best for you when you’re yearning for some souvenirs, fake jade jewelry, vintage reproduction cigarette ads, fake designer handbags and more.



The street markets in Mong Kok

This area of Hong Kong has the largest and busiest markets in which to soak up the chaotic atmosphere, sights, and sounds of Hong Kong. The crowds and sellers really exemplify Hong Kong’s on-the-move essence. The two best markets for inexpensive souvenirs are the Ladies Market (bargain clothing, accessories, and souvenirs) and the Temple Street Night Market (flea market). But personally, I love shopping at the Ladies Market. Especially at night. Well, this is a must go for all ladies out there!

Visit Disneyland and Ocean Park — If you’re on a family trip, or you like adventure head to Disneyland or Ocean Park for a fun-filled day. Hang out with Mickey Mouse and shake hands with sea creatures. You can see Giant Pandas at Ocean Park, which justifies the whole visit.

AIA Great European Festival- Are you ready for the carnival like atmosphere in the heart of the city, crazy performers, exciting games and scrumptious food from all around the world? Well, you should be. All adrenaline rush junkies and food lovers this is a place made perfect for you!


Hong Kong Harbor is a real must when visiting the city. It is one of the world`s most busy harbors. Witness lights dancing in the walls of the tall buildings from the other island. The harbor view is quite breathtaking especially after dark when thousands of lights from all the skyscrapers are lit.

Ride 360 Ngong Ping     

This cable car runs a little over 3.5 miles, from Tung Chung across the bay toward the airport and then onward to Lantau Island, , where you can visit the Po Lin Monastery. The cable car gives you a panoramic view of the whole airport, harbor, and city before it travels through the surrounding mountains. Enjoy riding cute cable cars which are decorated with different famous characters. The ride lasts about 25 minutes. So enjoy every minute of the ride.

Day trip to Macau — Isn’t it amazing? Macau is just a ferry ride away from Hong Kong so you’ve got to grab this opportunity to visit two countries in one trip. The gambling mecca of Macau is a short boat ride away. For HKD $150, the 60-75–minute boat ride from Hong Kong’s ferry terminal will take you to this former Portuguese colony, where you can wander gigantic modern casinos, City of Dreams, The Venetian stroll historic streets lined with Portuguese-inspired houses, Macau Church ruin and dine on egg tarts, a famous local specialty.

Just walk around – Last but not least, you should put away the map and just wander around the streets of Hong Kong looking. Take in all of Hong Kong`s smells and noise. It is such a busy and wonderful city, full of colors!



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